This is new to me so bare with me.  I  guess you can say that my trust issues probably start around the  age of 7 when a  family friend decided to inappropriately violate me and  my trust . This has caused me to question myself throughout my entire life and all of the  little things  in the  journeys I have gone through. It now plays  a big part in my addictions and my recovery. This happened over a great deal of time when I was small. I just remember being dropped off with this man whom my parents were friends with. To be honest I can only remember one of the many times I had been dropped off.  I remember his piano which I loved to play. I remember that he said sit on the couch and he layed on top of me. After that things become blank. One day he just disappeared and was no longer a part of my life.  From this point forward trust then no longer existed…..